Freitag, Juni 16, 2017

Where To Invade Next: Michael Moore is back

The famous American filmaker on his new One Man Invasion Force

Who does not know Bowling for Columbine or Fahrenheit 9/11. Now Michael Moore is back with his Satire on American Foreigne Policy, which, as he stated, has more wars started than actually ended. So he sets out to invade all on  his own other countries checking out what he can "steal" from them. "Framed as a wry travelogue, the film satirizes U.S. foreign policy with visits to several countries, including France, Finland, and Italy, examining how they deal with economic and social ills experienced Stateside. In other words, instead of waging wars over resources like oil, why not wage them over decent health care and so on."[Deadline Hollywood, Dec 2015]

So learns from the Italians that employees enjoy about 8 weeks paid holidays, or from the Portugese, that Labor Day is a Bank Holiday in Europe, the police does not arrest anybody having and/or using drugs, and that it is wrong and against human dignity to support capital punishment. Slovenia amazes him that the state offers free university education, or that the Finish Education System does entirely without homework, while the French offers their children the best meals for school lunches.

Although it is a bit funny that employees of  small businesses of all things - he visits the company Faber-Castell, which produces pencils (sic!)  - have only one job, he does seem to be surprised about how we're dealing with our past, an aspect which reminded me of Adorno foremost principle of education, "Die Forderung, dass Auschwitz nicht noch einmal sei, ist die allersterste Erziehung." [Th. Adorno, Erziehung nach Auschwitz).

At the end visiting the remnants of the Berlin Wall he remembers that most of the ideas he wanted to bring back to America were orginally American ideas. Unfortunately the country seem to have forgotten its own ideals. And the highlight a CEO from Iceland says why she does not want to live in the US.