Mittwoch, August 09, 2006

"The World has gone mad again" - War in the Middle East.

The World has gone mad again, not enough trouble in Afghanistan, in Iraque and elsewhere. For weeks now Israel has been attacking Lebanon to fight Hisbollah in self-defense, who continues to attack Israelian cities with missiles. Innocent people on both sides are suffering. And peace in the region seems to be out of sight for generations. People here in Germany - like me - are puzzled, shocked and confused about so much hate on both sides. Of course, we have a historic responsibility towards Israel, but I also think that war is never a solution. Everyday we hear on the news about attacks, killings and deaths of innocent people, especially children. And I have always asked myself, maybe a bit naive why people just can't live together and grant each other the right of life and existence.

I read in the German weekly "Die Zeit" (Nr. 31, July 27, 2006, 2) an article about how young people in Lebanon try to cope with this difficult situation by writing ahout the war in their weblogs. Here are some weblogs One is from Eve, a translator in Beirut, from Nadche , a franco-lebanese student, Zena, an artit from Beirut, or the weblog of a blogger named "ramzi". Check them out.