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Science Fiction, Philosophy and Theology - Doctor Who

Science and/or Fiction have always  been a creative combination merging fantastic ideas of the future with current issues and therefore can be read as critical comments on the present. As an example I just want to mention the 4th Star Trek movie The Voyage Home (Ecology and the Environment) and 6th Star Trek movie The Undiscovered Country, the first movie after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. [more on Star Trek Film Episodes]
This holds also true for other famous science fiction series like Stargate SG 1 or Stargate Atlantis. The fight of the SG Team against false gods and the evils of perverted Religion could thus be read the series against the Goa'ulds (pronounced "Go-wah-oold" or sometimes "Goold"; see Stargate Wiki) as religious criticism at its best and therefore serving as a good example of positive enlightenment. "We have no right to play God, but neither do the Goa'uld. Now I know none of this seems real to you on paper, but trust me, they're pure evil." (Daniel Jackson, see Stargate Wiki)
In the Stargate Atlantis Episode  Childhood's End  (Series 1, Episode 6)  Major Shepard and his Crews discovers a planet where its inhabitants are not older than 25. They believe in a ritual of self-sacrifice when the oldest member committing suicide on the eve of his 25th birthday therefore guaranting the survival of the tribe. Actually it is technology, discovered by Dr McKay, which protects them against the Wraith. Again the role of Religion is deconstructed.    

The Doctor Series by the BBC, which has been running with intervals since 1963, is also an excellent example of a worldwide famous and acclaimed science fiction series.

I have been a fan of The Doctor since 1985 when I became acquainted with the series during my stay in St. Paul, MN. I watched all episodes of the forth and fifth Doctor (Tom Baker and Peter Davison). At the moment the German channel OneHD shows episodes of the 9th Doctor with Christopher Ecclestone.

I have found an interesting Website and would like to recommend it - whoviantheology.

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