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English Studies: Movies on political issues - Diana


 A new  movie about called "Diana" about Princess Diana's life, directed by Oilver Hirschbiegel, has just been released starring Naomi Watts. Died in a car accident in August 1997 her life and her tragedy has never stopped  to fascinate peple around the world as well as leading to a never ending story about conspiracies. Even last December The Metropolitan Police stated that the SAS had never had a role in her accident. [for more see the BBC News, also The Mail online and Spiegel online]

 Diana died in a terrible accident in Paris in August 1997. The reaction of the Royal Family led to a constitutional crisis in Great Britain.Today though is more popular than ever before among the British people. In 2006 Helen Mirren starred as the Queen in a fantastic movie on the events in that week compelleing The Queen to give an unprecedented live address to her People.

Monika Ali, Untold Story, A Novel, 2011.
What would happen if Diana just faked her death in the accident to get away from her public life? In Monika Ali's fairy tale Diana lives a secret life in the American Midwest. Ali asks whether Diana would have had the chance to lead a happy life. Review in The Guardian by Joanna Briscoe Benedicte Page and Helen Pidd Diana, Princess of Wales inspires Monica Ali's latest novel

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