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Teaching the USA - Important Movies

12 years a Slave [more on IMDB]
Nach Lincoln and Django Unchained there is now a new and brutal film by Steve McQueen about about one of the darkest and most shameful phases in US history - Slavery. "So schonungslos und zugleich menschlich berührend ist das düstere Kapitel der amerikanischen Sklaverei noch nicht auf die Leinwand gebannt worden", writes Barbara Munker. Asked why Hollywood seems to more interested in African-American History Henry Lous Gates, Jr., who was Mc Queen's historical consultant says in an interview, But coming back to Hollywood's interest in slavery – curiously, we have more historical scholarship about the slave trade than ever before. Thanks to people like Professor David Eltis, we now know there were more than 36,000 voyages from Africa to the new world. The detail of the data is really quite remarkable. So the slave trade is a subject whose time has come. Steve says it's the Obama effect. Many people have said there is a renaissance in black film. I think it's partly about the coming of age of the affirmative-action generation, the people who were able to get into white institutions and then start black studies programmes in the university. My generation or the students after us. That is probably the most important factor in terms of the nation. You have to remember the black middle class has quadrupled. So that's also a big increase in consumers. [Andrew Anthony The Observer, Sunday 5 January 2014] More background information on The Guardian. Siehe auch Der Körperkämpfer, von Katja Nicodemus und Amerika stellt sich seiner Vergangenheit, in: Die Zeit.

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